Saturday, February 12, 2011

Then One Day ...

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summertime Blues

JUST AS the gate is coming down ... the train is pulling out ... the ship is getting underway ... the plane is ... 

Actually, just as I’m trying to flex my stiffened fingers, get my aching back under control, and ease my ancient body into the creaking chair in front of the computer ... then sitting here wondering what to say about this past week ... there comes an e-mail from LOREE (Kansas), which says, in part:

Better late than never?

I’m not only dreaming of spring (last week’s poem), but desperate for it ... another nine inches of snow, and temps that don’t kow which way is UP!

Today, I’m nursing a pulled something or other, in my back on the left side.  I was desperate to make a path to the trash cans, so I used the leaf blower to try and blow away some of the snow.  

That worked pretty well, except that the inch and a half, or maybe two inch opening, on the bottom of the 'wand' is pretty darned small for moving nine inches of snow!  Finally gave up and got the snow shovel for the last six feet or so.  

Now I can get my walks without walking in snow ... back and forth between the carport (I cleaned that the day before!) and the trash cans!  Better than nothing.

Take care and take it from me ... DON'T go shoveling snow!


GOOD ADVICE, Loree. Just a bit late, though, so I’ll try to remember that for next time.

Meanwhile, this time ... which seems to have covered about 40 days and 40 nights ... we’ve been “shut in,” too. I vaguely remember getting out of the house on Monday.

Then the snows came. And the rain. Freezing rain. Then more snow. For a couple of days, all we could do was watch. Finally, though, the clouds parted ... and there was the SUN!

That was yesterday. With Phyllis, the long-suffering Phyllis, my navigator and closest advisor, at my side ... or in front of me ... or behind me ... watching carefully for signs that I was slipping ... on the ice, that is ... we tackled the driveway.

The steep part was so FROZEN that it was like dancing on a slanting iceberg with only an ice pick for a partner.

That was yesterday. Today was a repeat performance, as we resumed our efforts to expose some of the bricks to the air. Tonight, far from being revved up and ready to churn out another installment of “Squiggles,” I feel like I’m ready for a body sling.

The silver lining in this great storm cloud from which we’re finally emerging ... during the whole ordeal, our lights winked and blinked, but ... unlike thousands of others ... we never actually lost power.

Also, we had that previously-mentioned sunshine yesterday and today. It warmed our backs a little. Gave us hope, too.

Also ... and this is a BIG ALSO ... late today our favorite tree person showed up to dispose of the huge tree limb ... and I do mean HUGE ... which had been blocking the garage doors all week.  Whoopee! Free at last!

Now ... where did I put that body sling?


TODAY’S POEM: (Please forgive me, if I’ve forced this one on you in recent weeks) No, I don't have the summertime blues. 

Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact. My fingers are more like icicles dangling over an arctic expanse of keyboard, here in this same corner of the house which was so steaming hot, just a few months ago.

But I like to go against the flow, and today is one of those days.

I thought it might be fun to dwell for a few moments on that now-delicious heat which has become so cherished because of its absence. In other words, I like it now, miss it, now that it's gone.

The poem:


I've got those
good for nothin'
summertime blues.

My handkerchief
has wilted,
my shorts have
turned to glue,
my socks have
already melted
and run down
into my shoes.

Oh, I've got 'em bad,
as bad as they can be,
those prickly-pested,
heat infested
good for nothin'
summertime blues. 

(originally published in Capper's)


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