Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anybody There?

Whoa! Time is flying, isn’t it? We must be having tons of fun, for here it is the middle of January already. Seems like only yesterday that it was the middle of December ... and some of us ... Professor Squigglee and I, at least ... were starting to give some thought to beginning our Christmas shopping.

And now all the wrapping paper is gone, some of the toys are broken, some need new batteries, and the tree ... well, the tree is just a memory, too. Where does the time go so fast?

Somebody ... and I won’t get specific, for fear of sounding political (No politics or religion here, remember? We don’t want any fights breaking out in the parking lot after The Prof dismisses class) ... but somebody must be spending some of our time FOR us ... and quite a bit of it, at that.

How else could we explain our having so little time of our own? Why, I can remember ... and you probably can, too ... in the days before TV and all these electronic gizmos that beep and BONK, whistle and HONK! ... when we had tons of time ... not just on our hands, but all over the place.

Time just seemed to creep along ... and now it’s supersonic. Oops! There goes another big chunk of it ... gone in a flash, much like our ready cash.   


THIS JUST IN: Actually, it’s a bit more than “just in” ... but still timely, I think. It’s from LOREE (Kansas), who said in the e-mail which brought her poem to me: “Christmas was a mess this year ... people coming and going each and every day, some staying overnight, while I provided room service, maid service, and everything in between. I wrote this little ditty, that says it all”:
Twas The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas,
The place was a mess ...
With ribbons and tissue
Near up to my chest.

The guests were asleep,
All tucked in their beds ...
And when they wake up
Is something I dread.

For all will be hungry,
A bit cranky too ...
No help for me at all,
In cleaning I do.

Thank goodness that  Christmas
Just comes once a year ...
For it strains my patience
And dims my good cheer!
 (c)  Loree (Mason) O'Neil

TODAY’S QUOTE: “Sometimes I feel like a wind-up person trying to find my way around in a digital world.” - Professor Squigglee


BOOK NOOK: Next on my reading list is Chronology of Native Americans, by Greg O’Brien. I spotted it on one of the bargain tables at Borders and simply couldn’t pass it by. And what’s on your reading table ... or electronic device?


TODAY’S POEM: Even when “Squiggles” was an e-mailed weekly newsletter ... ah, those were the days, remember? ... there were times when I wondered if anybody was reading it.

It was sort of like putting a message in a bottle and dropping it in the surf ... I couldn’t be sure who was going to open it ... read it ... and, glory be, respond.

I guess that was the seed from which today’s poem sprouted. Please note, though, that there’s a twist at the ... well, you’ll have to see ... and judge ... for yourself.



If I were to begin
sharing my poetry,
all these feverish
things I've written,
would anybody hear me?
Would anybody listen
during "open mike"?
Would bus passengers
get up and move out
of earshot? Would
strangers dart down
dark alleys? Would 
cats cross the street,
dogs whine, beg off?
Would - I say, would
you please wake up?

(originally published in PKA's Advocate)


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